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Quick Start

Learn how to get started with Backyard AI on Desktop or Web.

Backyard App

Download a model (desktop app only) #

We recommend the following models to start:

  • Kunoichi 7B: A memory-efficient model that excels at a wide range of tasks. Kunoichi is a great starting point for most users.
  • Mythomax-Kimiko 13B: A medium-sized, highly-capable model. Recommended for users with at least 16gb of RAM.
  • Psyonic-Cetacean 20B: A powerful model that is great for complex roleplay scenarios. Recommended for users with a GPU.

Note that each of these models (and most others available on Backyard AI) are unfiltered. Please use your discretion when evaluating their outputs.

Model Download

Pick a character #

For your first experience, we recommend you start with our template Character, as shown below:

Character Download

Send a Message #

After downloading the template Character, you should be taken to a screen like this:


Type a message into the input field and press enter to start a conversation!

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