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Backyard AI is a platform for text adventures, interactive stories, and other immersive roleplaying experiences powered by AI language models.

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Desktop App #

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Backyard Desktop is a locally-running, zero-configuration desktop application powered by large language models (LLMs) that run directly on your Mac or PC's hardware. This local processing ensures complete privacy and prevents any form of 3rd party interference; no one can access your data, filter your conversations, or change the behavior of your AI.

It's beginner-friendly and 100% free to use!

Web App #

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Backyard AI's web application supports all the features of our Desktop app, but from the convenience of your browser. The interface supports both desktop and mobile devices, so you can easily switch between the two.

Cloud Models #

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Backyard Cloud is a fast, powerful, and privacy-preserving text generation service for those who want access to state of the art AI models hosted by our team. No software installation is required, and we do not log your conversations.

You can use Backyard Cloud models on both desktop and web (and soon from our native mobile apps).

Web-To-Desktop Tethering #

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Web-to-Desktop Tethering enables you to access local AI from anywhere without sacrificing privacy or performance. Simply leave the Faraday Desktop App running in the background on your Mac or PC at home, and you’ll be able to spin up models, chat with custom AI characters, and more from the convenience of your browser. Everything still runs on your own hardware, so it’s 100% free to use.

Character Hub #

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Characters are AI-powered chatbots, each with their own unique personality and lore. You can build your own bespoke Characters, or download and customize existing ones from the community-driven Character Hub.urls,urls,

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