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Character Hub

Backyard AI has a Character Hub for anyone to upload, download, and browse a library of community-generated AI Characters and text adventures.

Downloading a Character #

Clicking on a Character will take you to a screen displaying all the details and metadata for the Character. You can download it by clicking the "Download" button on the top-right of your screen.

Character Details

Posting a Character #

To post your Character, click on "Post to Hub", located on the chat page in the right sidebar panel (underneath the avatar image):

Character Details

You will get taken to an upload form with various fields:

  • Provide a brief description that will go on the Character card.
  • Add any tags that will make the Character easier for people to find.
  • Provide a recommended model. This is usually the model you used while making the Character.

Once the details are properly filled out, and you have read the community guidelines to ensure your Character meets the standards, hit "Post Character" to upload your creation to the Hub!

Metrics #

Backyard AI tracks a number of metrics for Characters posted to the community Hub. This helps creators see how their Characters are performing, and allows users to see what is trending.

  • Downloads: The number of unique downloads.
  • Rating: An aggregate rating based on upvotes/downvotes by individual users.
  • Message Count: The number of chat messages sent to this Character. This information is anonymous: the app pings the Backyard AI server with the just the Character's unique ID each time a user sends a message.
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