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Latest Updates & Improvements to Backyard AI
May 20, 2024
  • Backyard AI Rebrand
    • Faraday.dev is now Backyard AI!
    • Updated icon, branding, and copy across the app and website
  • Small fixes & improvements
    • Added ability to change username on the Hub settings page
    • Prevented grammars from being applied when using impersonate feature
    • Improved stability of web app & Cloud models
May 16, 2024
  • Small fixes & improvements
    • Optimized Character Hub homepage queries for faster loading
    • Added pruning for unnecessary prompt template tokens in Character example dialogue
    • Fixed default User persona image missing on newly created Characters
  • New Cloud model
    • Added Llama 3 Lumimaid 8B to Standard and Pro plans
0.18.17 - 0.18.19 Internal
May 14, 2024
  • Impersonate feature
    • Added ability for the model to generate user responses
    • The Impersonate button is located to the right of the Continue button
  • Improvements to "Experimental" backend on Desktop
    • Improved GPU detection (note: models may load slowly the first time after this update, but subsequent loads will be fast)
    • Fixed Llama 3 response quality issues related to the tokenizer
    • Increased token rate by 5-10% on Apple metal and CUDA
    • Fixed tokenizer issues affecting Command-R, Qwen2, DBRX, and other base model architectures
    • Added flash attention optimization (does not apply to Vulkan)
    • Fixed gibberish responses when using Vulkan GPU acceleration
  • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Fixed issue preventing chat deletion in the header dropdown
    • Improved Llama 3 prompt templating
    • Removed hardcoded separator message between example dialogue and chat history
0.18.13 - 0.18.15 Internal
May 1, 2024
  • Llama 3 Fixes
    • Fixed low quality outputs when running Llama 3 models running at >4096 context
    • Better ROPE calculation for Llama 3 GGUFs downloaded outside of Faraday
  • Cloud Update
    • PRO: Added Llama 3 Ultra Instruct 8B at 16,384 tokens of context
    • Deprecated Llama3 Solana 8B
Apr 30, 2024
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Removed word limit on User Persona templates
    • Removed “initializing model” loading message on chat page
    • Fixed Character settings updates while Tethering
    • Fixed chat log imports from external apps (Ooba, CAI tools)
    • Fixed character imports from Faraday PNGs
    • Fixed character settings page reverting input fields after refocusing the window
    • Fixed issue pulling in image updates from Hub Characters
    • Added ability to sort by recently updated characters on Hub
  • Updates to “Experimental” backend
    • Fixed low quality outputs when using Llama 3 GGUFs (all Llama 3 models will need to be re-downloaded from the Model Manager)
    • Added support for base model architectures including Phi, SEA-LION, Command-R, and more
0.18.10 Internal
Apr 27, 2024
  • Reusable User Personas
    • On the General Settings page, you can now create reusable personas that can be applied to any character
    • Each persona includes a name, description, and image
  • Llama 3 Inference Fixes
    • Fixed repeating issues for most models
    • Fixed issue where </s> would output at the end of every generation
    • Added better ROPE calculation for Llama 3 models at long context lengths
    • Better GPU detection on Experimental backend
  • Cloud Update - Llama 3 Models
    • PRO: Added Llama3 Solana 8B at 16,384 tokens of context
    • STANDARD: Added Llama 3 Soliloquy 8B at 4,096 tokens of context
  • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Fixed edit message button always showing on mobile web
    • Minor UI fixes on chat page & character settings page
0.18.5 - 0.18.8 Internal
Apr 23, 2024
  • Hotfix
    • Fix issue where characters would forget recent context
    • Fix cloud streaming on desktop
0.18.2 - 0.18.3 Internal
Apr 23, 2024
  • Support for Llama 3 base model
    • If using a custom model, we recommend that you use the "Llama3" prompt template in the Character settings
  • New "Experimental" Backend in Advanced Settings
    • Support for all IQ quants
    • Performance improvements for CUDA, Vulcan, and Metal
    • Up to 40% faster prompt evaluation speeds for CPU
    • Faster inference for chats that include grammars
  • Cloud Infrastructure Improvements
    • Significantly reduced wait times for all PRO plan models
    • Faster token rates for Midnight-Rose 70B
    • Faster token rates for all STANDARD models
    • Fix for occasional “socket” errors after sending a message
  • Bug fixes & Improvements
    • Better mobile chat UI
    • Increased max length for author’s comment on Hub
    • Fix overflow for input fields on the Character creation page
    • Fixed infinite loading on the Advanced Settings for some Windows devices
    • Confirmation warning before irreversible undo operations
    • Delete cached images after deleting a Character
    • Fixes "maximum call stack exceeded" error when exporting a Character card
0.18.0 Internal
Apr 10, 2024
  • Multiple Character images
    • Support for adding up to 10 images to a Character
    • Ability to scroll through images in the chat page sidebar, and on the Character Hub
  • More TTS voices
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Enabled TTS voices in the browser
    • Add alphabetical sorting to local homepage
    • Increase default model context to 4096
    • Fix issue where clicking undo would focus the button
    • Fix to prevent overlapping TTS voices
    • Fixed issue where GPU settings page would not load
    • Fixed issue where images with the same name would overwrite each other
0.17.5 - 0.17.6 Internal
Mar 29, 2024
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • Improve model context management for new example dialogue pruning feature
    • Fix for occasional empty responses from the model
    • Fix "invalid access to closed websocket" error
    • Fix for missing and duplicated regenerations
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