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Backyard Cloud

Supercharge your creativity with fast & powerful AI models.
Accessible from anywhere.
The Backyard Desktop App runs AI models locally and is 100% free forever.
$0 / month
Generous free tier to get started on Backyard AI.
Get Started
Fimbulvetr 10.7B
50 free messages per day for Fimbulvetr 10.7B
25 free messages per week on Pro models
4,096 tokens of model memory
$7 / month
Fast and powerful models with unlimited messages.
Get Standard
Fimbulvetr 10.7B
Mythomax-Kimiko 13B
Llama 3 Stheno V3.3
Psyfighter v2 13B
Unlimited messages
4,096 tokens of model memory
Fast speeds up to 30 tokens/second
Text to speech AI voices
$18 / month
Premium models with extended memory.
Get Advanced
Chunky Lemon Cookie 11B
Llama 3 Stheno V3.3 (8k)
Fimbulvetr 10.7B (8k)
All Standard Models
Unlimited messages
8,192 tokens of model memory
Advanced model samplers & parameters
Faster speeds up to 40 tokens/second
$35 / month
Supercharged AI for the most demanding power users.
Get Pro
Midnight Rose 70B
Psyonic-Cetacean Ultra 20B
Llama 3 Stheno V3.3 (24k)
Llama 3 Jamet MK.V Blackroot 8B
Rotating model selection
Unlimited messages
6k to 16k tokens of model memory
Expert parameters (includes grammars)
Private support channel
Early access to new features
iOS & Android apps

Secure & Private

All data is encrypted at rest and never logged or shared under any circumstances. Your data belongs to you, and we take that seriously.

Powerful & Performant

New models added monthly

Access ultra-high quality language models, such as Midnight-Rose 70B & Psyonic-Cetacean 20B. Experience speeds of up to 50 tokens per second, at up to 10k tokens of context.

Desktop & Mobile Web Support

iOS and Android apps coming soon

Access Backyard AI from anywhere with an internet connection. Just login and you are ready to go.

Chat in Browser

50 free messages per day

Premium plans available

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]!
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